Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Make the Money They Want

Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Make the Money They Want

These days most people who start a blog it’s because they’ve heard of those who make large amounts of money monthly from them and they’re expecting the same to come from their blog. What they don’t’ know is that there is a lot that they can do badly, and they’re probably doing a lot of it. Keep reading this article to find out why most bloggers don’t make the money they want to make and learn how to not make money by blogging so that you can go out and make money. I hope that makes sense as! Good luck to all! Alternatively, bloggers could look into playing 온라인 카지노 on their free times to have some sort of back up income. 

  1. Not enough content.

    This is probably the main problem that bloggers have; even the ones who are not in the business to make money. If you don’t write consistently then you shouldn’t expect any money at all. Your blog viewers expect fresh daily content every time they visit your blog and if it they don’t get it then they will not return nor sign up for your RSS feed. If they don’t return or sign up for your feed then you will not make money and therefore you should consider writing at least one article a day if not a couple daily. Coming up with content isn’t difficult and your entries don’t have to be huge, but do make sure to provide valuable content. Developing some good set articles that don’t get old is great also.

  2. Bad navigation.

    Just think about how your blog is designed for a moment. Is it easy to get from page to page? Is there “back” buttons? Do you make it easy for your viewers to go to your homepage and to your other pages? If you can’t see these options at the very top or on the side bar then you probably have bad navigation on your blog. Make sure to make your pages and links noticeable and easy for your viewer to see and recognize. If they can’t get from point A to point B in less than 10 seconds then you’re doing something wrong.

  3. Bad advertising.

    If you have great content and awesome navigation in your blog but no visitors that probably means that you’re not going to get the profit you want. That’s why you need to market your blog constantly and in ways that will bring you results. Consider making business cards, flyers, banners online, e-mails, newsletters and all kinds of things to tell people about your blog. The more you market, the more you will profit from you blog.

  4. Poor ad and affiliate performance.

    Once you get into the blogging business you will see that most of the money that can be made from it is by ads and affiliates. If your ads and affiliate ads aren’t doing too good that might be the reason why you’re not making the money that you want to make as a blogger. Make sure to only have relevant ads on your blog and to promote them correctly. Don’t hide them, but don’t put them everywhere as that will also make your viewers ignore them. Place them on a page where you talk about them and give your review or come up with an effective way. Tip: Experiment with ad placement.

5. Not enough want.

Sometimes people open up a blog with just the intention of making big bucks. What they don’t know is that it takes time and a lot a lot of patience. That’s why if you don’t love to blog or if you don’t’ love what you’re blogging about you’re destined to not make the money you want. Chances are that if these kinds of bloggers without want don’t make money real fast they’ll quit and that’s someone that you don’t’ want to be. Make sure that you want to blog, make sure that you want to keep on blogging even if you don’t get results right away because if you don’t then don’t even start.

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