U.S. Politics: Effort to Consume Versus Effort to Exploit

U.S. Politics: Effort to Consume Versus Effort to Exploit

Plastic spoon versus washing it, a choice we all face at times. But which would you choose if you understood the true cost of the spoon? The plastic represents material gathered from around the world and processed quite possibly in some foreign factory. The steel spoon is also created this way; the only difference comes in the fact of how long each is expected to last. Steel will last generations, its only need is to be cleaned and cared for over time. The plastic spoon can only be used so many times before it is contaminated with bacteria. Collected within the trash bins and dumps of cities, to be found by some future archeologist looking to explain our culture. What explanation will they have to determine concerning the over abundance of plastic in such locations?

The modern U.S. culture comes from the multitudes of past cultures we all derive our heritage from. Past ancestor’s cultures are still being blended into our modern day, to form a mass diverse society. These many cultures have spanned the world, mostly descendants of immigrants; few can say they were among the original inhabitants. These immigrations brought the many different traditions and views of life found in almost every part of the globe to one nation. Among this are the base concepts that inspire and motivate our society today. Our legacy to those we have coming after us depends on this blending of old traditions into one new and future set of traditions we accept as the norm.

The general society in the U.S. today is involved in so many things at once; the need to move about and do these things takes our time. It used to be that we had time to sit and eat together, but not so much any more. Today we are always on the go and anything that helps to speed us along the way we gratefully accept. But stop for a moment and think about all those things we accept so quickly and we began to see things outside what we like. Our consummation of materials comes from our attitude for the need to have disposable tools used in daily lives. These tools are often made of plastics, allow for this speeding through the day, but come with a cost we are not even aware of.

The average cost of the plastic spoon is low due to our mass production of such, but this will change. The need to gather petroleum comes partly from the mass chemical production plants, these base most of their results on splitting up the petroleum. As the price of oil goes up, so will come the price of all these things made of plastics. Although common in today’s society, the every increasing price will make them less common as restaurants find it too expensive to keep them. Lower costing material will have to be found, these from more biodegradable material as well. But the plastic will still be here, in landfills and in the oceans, waiting to break down…into what?

When these materials are found it is generally because something in nature has gone wrong and we then find out how many of our products are causing this. I read about a new product, Plastic Rice. The concept of making money has taken a new turn in this, just as in Honey Laundering a few are exploiting the rest to gain. There are those who know who is doing this, but the money pays so well they stay silent. In the end the material is broken down, a waste produced that kills. The competitive nature of these individuals is such they would commit mass murder and others protect this. What will the archeologist have to say about us in the future? Will we even leave a future for them to speak in?

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