Batman: Ashes to Ashes

Batman: Ashes to Ashes

It is thanks to their experience in music videos, short films and post-production, but also on the strength of their solid technical knowledge, that Julien Mokrani and Samuel Bodin got down to a crazy project: Make a fan-film on Batman.
While Ashes to Ashes is about to rise from its ashes, the two young directors have almost won their bet.
Almost ! because they still lack a little money for the dark knight to take off …

Title: Batman: Ashes to Ashes
Duration: 20 minutes
Support: DVD, BETA, DV
Format: Mini DV
Budget: € 3,000 (Shooting) – € 20,000 (postprof machines)
Missing budget: € 2,000 – € 6,000 (postprod team costs)
Genre : Fan-Film

The story :

1928: Driven by reasons as different as they are essential, Eddy, Charles and Sergio decide to rob the huge mansion that dominates the city.
They are surprised by the butler, and the business gets out of hand.
Blood is spilling, our three makeshift assassins flee, loot in their pockets.
For three weeks, fantastic sobs tear the roofs of the city.
In the heart of the big city, puffed up by violence and prohibition, our 3 beginner gangsters climb the ranks of crime.
But in the darkness of the megalopolis, a vengeful and murderous shadow sets out on the hunt …

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