Tips For Choosing Garden Benches

A garden bench not only provides seating in a garden but can also act as an important decorating element. When guests arrive, you don’t necessarily want them to take seats on hard wooden benches. For this reason, it may be a great idea to invest in one of the many garden bench styles which are available. Relaxed and casual, the garden bench is always a welcome addition to any backyard. Use it like an ordinary chairs piece for an hour or half an hour watching the sunlight set outside or dress it up with comfortable throws and cushions for a meal when you have guests dining al fresco.

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Many of these benches are portable, enabling you to move them around to different areas as needed. There are also portable garden benches that fold flat for storage, allowing you to store them away when not in use. Some folding benches even come with wheels that will assist you move them around. This type could be the most convenient option for those who reside in rural areas where there isn’t a great deal of room for built-in benches.

When choosing a bench, you will wish to consider the type of varnish or paint that’s used on it. Garden benches are usually made from a variety of materials such as cedar, redwood, teak and plastic. While cedar and walnut are extremely desirable woods for making garden benches, they are also the most difficult types of wood to keep clean and condition.

Teak is the most sought after wood for garden benches, due to its beauty, durability and affordability. Its normal oil based varnish protects the wood against the elements and will allow your furniture to age gracefully over time. However, it’s not always practical to employ this type of varnish to your garden benches. If you reside in an area where snowfall is common, you may want to consider investing in a plastic chair instead.

Vinyl is also a popular alternative to teak or cedar. It is much easier to maintain and does not need to be repainted. While vinyl may not retain its natural splendor for as long as walnut or cedar, it is still a superior option. With this sort of garden bench, you can easily leave the protective coating intact which allows your cushions to last for many years. While you may opt to remove this protective coating, it’s important to protect your outdoor furniture against the elements.

You could also consider investing in an outdoor umbrella to your garden benches. This will make certain your cushions do not fade due to direct sunlight. For those who have a wonderful set of garden furniture, you will realize that decorating your outdoor space can be quite fun. Just remember to pick the perfect pieces like garden bench, chairs, rattan furniture, garden sofas or even swivel chairs online from trustworthy shops, to get a quality level that keep them attractive and comfortable in the long term.

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