Recommended Audio Books for Black History Month: Andrew Young’s “An Easy Burden”

Recommended Audio Books for Black History Month: Andrew Young’s “An Easy Burden”

The silent tsunami that swept across America during the civil rights movement era was considered a second revolution in America. Indeed, this was a turbulent time in America, and the face of the nation was changing before the modern world eyes. Andrew Young’s contribution to African-American history has ushered in some of the most important anectedotes concerning Black-American history during the civil rights movement. The audio book begins with an introduction into his beginning education living in the segregated arms of America. The beginning expose – brings life to a man whose commitment to make a change, was about education and family values. In a time where many White-Americans were pre-occupied with dividing the nation with dehumanizing hate, there were other White-Americans that embraced the unsung song of freedom for the Negro-American.

This audio book sites the many problems that existed in America, where the African-American genealogy was non-existent. During this time, there were many African-Americans began to take up peaceful arms in the fight for their rights, and equality for the dignity and pride of their children’s future. Indeed, this was no easy road for the Negro during the early sixties; it was the beginning of the segregation movement. Andrew Young delves into the problems that the African-American people suffered during the civil rights movement. The first thirty minutes of his introduction is about his life and times, he gives tribute to his father and mother for having remarkable work ethics, which was a part of his beginning education at Lincoln University.

As Andrew Young began to learn the importance of finishing his education, his roots in Christian groups and education would mold him for the rest of his life. During his time at Lake Brownwood, he met many White-Americans who would embrace his ideology and fight for the civil rights movement. This may have been part of his destiny, an ordained path that would lead him away from going to dental school, straying away from his fathers wishes. This was the beginning of his own sobering indoctrination as he worked his way through school while attending Hartford University. The early years of his life were filled with learning about seminary education and living in Alabama – beginning his seminary training. The enthusiasm that the youthful Andrew Young believed in would shape many young white and black Americans ideals. You could listen to these books while cruising the streets using the best inline skates for beginners

During the nineteen sixty three Birmingham marches, were some of the most comprehensive civil rights movement that organized scores of people from many ethnic backgrounds. Eventually, the nation would realize the importance of bringing awareness to the movement at hand. Andrew Young audio adaptation is read with the vigor and potent energy that easily evokes the listener into the story and history of the civil rights movement. An Easy Burden audio book brings life to what trials and tribulations that has brought a powerful insight into the many difficulties that the Negro people endured during a most trying time in America. Andrew Young audio book has brought a laser-beam of light into learning about African-American history and what it is all about. It gives the listener an opportunity to become a part of the African-American experience.

The audio adaptation of Andrew Young An Easy Burden is an intellectual journey into the genealogy of the African-American people plight for freedom. Where would America be without this audio adaptation? If it were not for this audio adaptation, there probably would be a lost part of American history drowned out by the prejudice of that terrible time in American history. Andrew Young is one of the most popular African-American voices of our time that promote a most personal perspective, on the plight for freedom – telling the true story of the young Negro in America. Beyond the Great Depression in America, segregation was the next great tragedy that the nation faced during the sixties era. During this time where the civil rights movement were at the height of prominence, it gave a voice to the nations Reconstruction of free speech for all African-Americans. It was also a time where Martin Luther King Jr. would play a major role in the shaping and confidence of Andrew Young’s early political life. Their friendship would characterize the institution and morals of the civil rights movement, and would lead African-Americans to the freedom they so rightly deserved.

This audio adaptation was written by Andrew Young 1996

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