Fashion For Men: Staples That Never Go Out Of Style

Fashion For Men: Staples That Never Go Out Of Style

Fashion for men is a vast and diverse territory. There are some wardrobe staples which never go out of fashion.

For example, Chelsea boots can be worn with a range of pants and wooden watches are easy to dress up or down. Chukka boots or desert boots are also suitable. Pair them with dark denim and a suit jacket for a debonair look.

Chelsea Boots

For the man who’s a fan of sleek style and comfort, Chelsea boots are a perfect choice. These laceless booties are tight-fitting with elastic side panels that allow them to easily be pulled on. They are a great choice for pairing with jeans or casual shirts. They are also a great choice for all weather conditions.

wooden watches

Depending on the look you prefer, you can select between smooth leather and suede for these shoes. While polished leather skews more dressy, suede is a better choice for casual attire. You can also choose extra-rugged versions made of rubber and tough leather, which are great for rainy days.

Chelsea boots come in a variety of colors. These include classics like black and brown, as well as lighter shades such tan. The color you select depends on your desired look and season. Darker colors like black or dark brown work best for autumn and winter, while tan, light neutrals and tan tones are great for spring and summer.

There are many brands of Chelsea boots. It’s important to select a pair which combines comfort and durability with a style that suits your taste. The Chelsea boot from Meermin, which is made of high-quality materials, has a sturdy sole and won’t wear out easily. Other brands that make outstanding Chelsea boots include Briselblack and Benzein.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boot are a great way to add flair to your wardrobe. They’re a versatile style of shoe that can be worn with casual outfits or dressed up with a suit. They are typically made of leather or suede and feature laces which can be opened or re-closed. They are available in a wide range of colors. You can choose from neutrals like black and brown or brighter shades like red and yellow. It’s important to consider the other colors in your outfit when choosing a color. If you’re wearing dark clothing, a bright pair of shoes will clash. Stick to neutrals.

Wearing chukkas with jeans is one of the easiest ways of wearing them. The boots will enhance the faded denim color and add texture to your outfit. You can pair them with tailored briefs for a more refined look.

Chukka boots can be worn with a pair of dark pants to create a more formal outfit. If you plan to wear chukkas boots with a dark suit, choose darker colors like navy blue or charcoal grey. The boots will create a contrast with the suit and pants. You can also add accessories like tie clips and cufflinks.

Solid Trousers

Men’s trousers are a great addition to any wardrobe. They’re a versatile garment that can be dressed up with a tailored blazer for work or worn down with a casual tee for leisure activities. Whether you prefer a smarter drill fabric or a more casual linen, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Trousers are often overlooked. However, the right pair is a game changer. When shopping for a new pair, consider the occasion and your personal style. For formal events, suit pants are typically made from wool with a worsted or a plain weave. They also come in various fits. They’re usually creased so that they look freshly pressed, though some modern designs are designed to appear more worn-out and distressed over time.

Alternatively, try a pair of cotton corduroy pants. These are comfortable and warm, ideal for hiking and other outdoor pursuits. Choose a pair that has a drawstring inside the waistband, like the Royal Robbins Alpine Road or Patagonia Quandary pants, for a more convenient fit.

Cargo pants are a great option for those who like a rugged look. These sturdy pants are usually made from durable fabrics like denim or corduroy and have large pockets for storing essentials. You can dress them up with a polo shirt and loafers for a polished business look or go for the casual look by pairing them with a hoodie when the weather turns cooler.

Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripe is a classic in casual clothing. It adds a touch of ease to any outfit. This design has a relaxed feel, and is associated with Americana, unlike horizontal stripes which can conjure images of Sesame Street or The Talented Mr Ripley. This makes it a great choice for holiday wear or to wear with unstructured jackets and flat front trousers for smart casual days. You can wear a breezy long-sleeved top with tailored shorts if you prefer, or a short-sleeved one under a corduroy jacket. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so that the stripes can shine.

Avoid stripes that are too wide or oversized, as they can clash and cause unwanted optical illusions. The best option is to choose narrow stripes that are close to the width of a human hair. These stripes are also known as Bengal or Regency strips and usually feature alternating white with another colour. However, they’re found more often in menswear than sportswear.

If you have a beanpole body shape, you can add width to your frame by wearing thin stripes. Wider stripes on the other hand can make you look boxy or squat. You’re better off wearing thin stripes or diagonal lines.

Checked Blazers

This season’s runways were awash with patterns. From glen checks to Prince-of-Wales and windowpanes, the trends were all over the place. Wearing this trend with style and proportion is the key. A blazer with a large check will look obnoxious and out of place in the workplace. Opt for a subtler version. Gun check blazers, which are derived from Scotland’s home of many clans and tartans, can be worn in a more casual way with a white t-shirt and jeans.

For those days when you can’t quite justify a full suit but still want to impress at the office, a slim fit checked dark grey blazer, like this Marc Darcy version, will look great worn with trousers and a black roll neck – and some leather loafers. If you want to add some formality to your wardrobe, consider wearing a black watch tartan tuxedo or full tuxedo with matching trousers. Avoid Lumberjack Red at all costs. Monochrome will give you a professional appearance. If that’s not enough for you, a black tie will add a stylish touch.

Jackets With Structured Shoulders

The style of the shoulder on a jacket can make a big difference to the overall look. This is true especially for men. Shoulders can be natural, soft, or padded, and they may also be convex or concave. This makes them a key element in defining the silhouette of a suit jacket.

There are many jacket styles. Each has its own unique style. The classic single-breasted suits are the most common. They have a single row up to three buttons, and they can feature a peak or notch lapel. This jacket is perfect for a professional look and can be worn either with jeans or dress pants.

Unstructured jackets are also popular. They have minimal tailoring, and a more relaxed fit. The jacket can also be rumpled or the sleeves rolled for a casual look. Fabrics for this jacket vary and include wool, linen, cotton and cashmere.

A third type of jacket is the sports coat. This was the type of jacket that fashionable men wore in the era of Austen and Downton Abbey. It is perfect for those times when you don’t want to wear a full suit, but you do need to look a little dressier than just jeans and a t-shirt. It can be worn with khakis, chinos and a button-up shirt.

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